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Keep Coles county Red!

Election Info



Need to know how, when, and where to vote. We have useful links to help you get out and vote Republican!

Elected Officals

We have a GREAT group of Republican elected officials representing the Republican Party on the Local, State, and Federal Level!



You wont want to miss the exciting events we have planned here in Coles County. These events will be a great way to get to know your Republican Candidates and Elected Officials!


Yard Signs

The only thing better than showing your support for a candidate with a yard sign is getting to the polls to vote. Let us know what signs you would like and we will do the rest!


Get Involved

Ever wanted to help but didn't know how?As a grassroots party we are always looking for a helping hand!


Close Up of Corn Field


The Coles County Republican Republican Central Committee represent the Republican party at the local level. As Republican's we believe in individual freedom and liberty. We believe big government fueled by unwieldy tax burdens on working men and women threatens the values upon which our country was founded. 

As the Republican Party Platform states, “We believe in American exceptionalism. We are the party of optimism and opportunity. We believe individual freedom and opportunity are maximized when the size and intervention of government is limited. We know Americans accomplish great things when government does not interfere with their creativity and work ethic.”


The Coles County Republicans are committed to open and honest government that puts people over power and principles over politics. We invite you to join with us and work for the betterment of our county, our state and our nation. 


2024 Coles County Republican Headquarters 
Will be announced summer of 2024!


Mattoon Headquarters (coming summer of 2024)

Charleston Headquarters (coming summer of 2024)


Thanks for reaching out!

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